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суббота, 19 апреля 2014 г.

The Roadside Band - Storms About To Brew

Artist: The Roadside Band
Country: USA
Album: Storms About To Brew
Year: 1981
Genre: Southern Rock
Lable: Crossroad Productions (2008)
Format: Ape (image+cue+scans)
Size : 230 MB

Songs/Tracks Listing:
1.Somewhere Tonight - 3:59
2.Another Dollar - 4:37
3.I've Got My Mind Set On Loving You - 6:05
4.Storms About To Brew - 4:44
5.A Song To Myself - 4:17
6.Ain't No Sunshine - 3:38
7.Give What You Get - 4:52
8.Missouri - 2:44
9.Just To Run Me Down - 5:28

Bobby Rance - lead, rhythm & slide guitar;
Robert Harvey - lead, rhythm & pedal steel guitar, vocals;
Randy McCormick - bass, flute, vocals;
Bill McGreevy - drums.

The band made only this album in 1981.

Balletto di Bronzo - Il / YS (English Versions)

Balletto di Bronzo - Il / YS (English Versions)
Artist: Balletto di Bronzo
Country: Italy
Album: Il / YS (English Versions)
Year: 1992
Genre: RPI
Lable: Mellow Records(1992)
Format: Flac (image+cue+scans)
Size : 89,2 MB
Source: novox

Songs/Tracks Listing:
1.Introduzione  - 11:34
2.Secondo incontro – 03:41

Lino Ajello - guitar;
Gianni Leone - vocals, keyboards, mellotron;
Vito Manzari - bass;
Gianchi Stringa - drums.

There is some misunderstanding about what exactly this release is. When Gianni Leone left Citta' Frontale and joined Il Balletto di Bronzo, they soon wanted to take some new material into the studio. They went to Polygram studios in Milan in 1971 and recorded part of their masterwork, Ys. The band wanted to record in English--I am sure they realized the incredible boundaries their composition would push, and thus wanted to ensure widespread release. They recorded at least two parts of Ys, which we have here on this mini album. Polygram heard these songs and realized that they had a monster on their hands. However, the studio forced the band to record in Italian, eventually producing the masterpiece Ys which was released in 1972. So what we have here on this CD, released by Mellow in 1992 and now out of print, is the two demo portions recorded in English that preceded the final version of Ys. These songs were recorded in 1971--they are raw, the sound is definitely unprocessed--and the arrangements of the songs would evolve somewhat before the final recorded version the next year. But what we have is amazing to hear--two parts of the embryonic Ys played with all the fervor and intensity of a band needing a place to record and get their message out. These two songs have recently been rereleased on vinyl under the title "On the Road to Ys," with a live version of "La Tua Casa Comoda," a single which the band recorded after Ys. (If you don't mind downloads, check Amazon.com under "On the Road to Ys," and you will find the two tracks on this release for sale, very cheap!) While not to the perfection of the full album, these tracks constitute a major milestone in the history of the band and are not be missed.

четверг, 17 апреля 2014 г.

Cico - Notte

Artist: Cico
Country: Italy
Album: Notte
Year: 1974
Genre: RPI/Pop
Lable: Austria Record Finder(2011)
Format: Flac (image+tracks+cue+scans)
Size : 289,0 MB

Songs/Tracks Listing:
1.Insonnia - 4:03
2.Il Successo - 4:37
3.Se Mi Vuoi - 3:56
4.I Cattivi Consigli - 3:04
5.Il Fiore Rosa - 4:16
6.Il Prete E Il Semplice - 4:35
7.Il Gatto Di Casa - 3:41
8.Non Dire Di No - 4:40
9.Distrazione Mentale - 4:21
10.Piu - 3:45
11.La Notte - 4:24

Amedeo Tommaso - Bass;
Cico - Drums;
Silvano Chimenti - Guitar;
Paolo Ormi - Keyboards, Percussion
Ciro Cicco -Percussion.

Reissue by 70's solo album by member of Italian progressive rock legends "FORMULA 3".
Drummer Tony Cicco came from Napoli, born there in 1949, but his career brought him to Milano, where he formed Formula 3 at the age of 20 along with guitarist Alberto Radius and keyboardist Gabriele Lorenzi.After four studio albums Formula 3 split up and Cicco decided to pursue a solo career under the name Cico.He released his debut ''Notte'' in 1974 on CBS.The most notable presence on this album is guitarist Silvano Chimenti, while keyboards are played by Paolo Ormi and bass is performed by Amedeo Tommaso. The album has seen several reissues over the years by different prog labels, but ''Notte'' is actually a Pop/Rock album with slight proggy overtones, comparable to the melodic moments of FORMULA 3 but very far from their trully progressive compositions.The content is highly melodic and consistent despite the variety of music styles explored, featuring Cicco's fantastic, sensitive vocals.The music ranges from straight Rock, Orchestral Pop ballads, Funk and Melodic Rock with accesible and deep melodies and very strong songwriting.The album features some good piano lines, orchestral strings and flutes here and there, escaping the fundamentals of basic Italian Pop/Rock, it also features the constant presence of a solid rhythm section, thus making it a good chance for listening among rock fans.But the proggy elements are actually very limited to some short instrumental passages and occasional richer textures of a symphonic tendency. Cicco released a couple of more solo albums, before recording with Fantasy in late-70's and Forza 3 in mid-80's, while his career includes also collaborations with Pino Daniele, Lucio Battisti and Fabio Frizzi.In the 90's he was back on track with Formula 3, as the band returned with the original line-up.
If you search for some great and beautiful Italian melodies to go along with some rockin' tunes, ''Notte'' has a place in your collection.Recommended overall.

суббота, 12 апреля 2014 г.

Arcadelt – Enjoy

Artist: Arcadelt
Country: Italy
Album: Enjoy
Year: 1996
Genre: Progressive Rock/Neo-Prog
Lable: Progland(2010)
Format: Flac (image+cue+scans)
Size : 252,0 MB

Songs/Tracks Listing:
1.Flight on a Marzipane Throne - 7:48
2.The Ballad of Friendship - 6:21
3.The God in the Bottle - 3:03
4.The Bullet-tear - 8:15
5.Coriandes dans les ciels - 2:46
6.A Deceiving Melody's Dream - 10:02
7.Descent to Hell - 6:27

Pierfrancesco Drago - Lead Vocals, Flute
Fabrizio Verzaschi - Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
Fabio Cifani - Bass, Viola
Giacomo Vitullo - Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Fabio Ferri - Drums
Cristina Ternovec - Viola on track 5

Arcadelt - is a forgotten obscure neo prog band from Italy with only one album released in 1996 named simply Enjoy. Well, the music is nothing near excellent or inovative, is ok most of the time, but the overall atmosphere sounds flat and with some uninspired moments aswell. The good moments are in opening funny title Flight On a Marzipan Throne or on A Deceiving Melody's Dream, the rest are only ok. Not very much is known about the status of the band now is  22 years since the formation of the band and more then 17 years since the release. An obscure album with not very much recognition, not even known in Italy.

Alberta Hunter - Amtrak Blues

Artist: Alberta Hunter
Country: USA
Album: Amtrak Blues
Year: 1978
Genre: Blues/Classic Female Blues
Lable: Columbia(1987)
Format: Flac (tracks+cue+scans)
Size : 216,0 MB

Songs/Tracks Listing:
1.The Darktown Strutters' Ball - 5:23
2.Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out - 3:50
3.I've Having a Good Time  - 2:38
4.Always - 3:44
5.My Handy Man Ain't Handy No More - 3:49
6.Amtrak Blues - 3:44
7.Old Fashioned Love  - 4:14
8.Sweet Georgia Brown - 4:12
9.A Good Man Is Hard to Find - 3:59
10.I've Got a Mind to Ramble - 4:13

Alberta Hunter's second recording since launching her remarkable comeback (she was 83 when this album was cut) finds the veteran blues singer (a survivor of the 1920s) still in surprisingly strong form and full of spirit. Such songs as "Darktown Strutters' Ball," "My Handy Man," "Old Fashioned Love" and "I've Got a Mind to Ramble" are given fine treatment by Hunter, who is joined by the Gerald Cook quartet, trombonist Vic Dickenson, trumpeter Doc Cheatham and tenorman Frank Wess on various tracks.

пятница, 11 апреля 2014 г.

Eskaton - 4 Visions

Artist: Eskaton
Country: France
Album: 4 Visions
Year: 1981
Genre: Prog.Rock/Zeuhl
Lable: Ad Perpetuam Memoriam (1995)
Format: Flac (image+cue+scans)
Size : 382,0 MB

Songs/Tracks Listing:
1. Eskaton - 10:24
2. Attente - 10:12
3. Ecoute - 13:00
4. Pitie - 8:44
Bonus track :
5. Le Cri - 9:05

Line-up / Musicians
Paule Kleynnaert - voice
Amara Tahir - voice
Alain Blesing - guitar
Gilles Rozenberg - organ, synthesizer
Eric Guillaume,Marc Rozenberg - Fender piano
Andre Bernardi - bass
Gerard Konig – drums

"4 Visions" is another masterpiece from the French scene. But this band doesn't play theatrical prog. Rather, ESKATON were influenced by Zeuhl inventors, MAGMA. For those of you unfamiliar with Magma's sound, their music combined Wagner-esque grandeur with Eastern European rhythms and melodies, Germanic-like chanting (keep in mind that MAGMA sang in a made-up language), and almost ritual-like repetition (slowly building grooves to a frenzy). Unlike MAGMA, ESKATON emphasized quick and furious theme development, and less repetition. They also sang in French rather than Kobaian. ESKATON consisted of a guitarist, bassist, keyboardist, drummer, and two female singers. The most impressive musicians in this band is the bassist. He is a monster on the instrument, and effortlessly spits out grooves that are fast, funky, and absolutely danceable (some part of your body will move to his grooves). The reissued CD consists of the 4 original tracks, and a bonus track. "4 Visions" is one of the top Zeuhl albums out there.

Iman Califato Independiente - 30 Aniversario 1976-1979

Artist: Iman Califato Independiente
Country: Spain
Album: 30 Aniversario 1976-1979
Year: 1976-1979
Genre: Prog.Rock/JRF
Lable: Aristillus (2006)
Format: Flac (image+cue+scans)
Size : 371,0 MB

Songs/Tracks Listing:
1.Tema De Abdu -14:08
2.Improvisacion Atmosferica - 9:26
3.Improvisacion 1-B 20:27
4.La Forja De Los Tarantos 22:08    

Line-up / Musicians
Manuel Iman - guitars & voices
Marcos Mantero - keyboards
Inaki Egana - bass & voices (2, 4)
Urbano Moraes - bass (1, 3)
Kiko Guerrero - drums & percussion

Iman, the Califato Independiente of the andalusian rock reappear from his ashes. A fourth century after their separation, Manuel Rodriguez, Marcos Mantero, Inaki Egana and Kiko Guerrero decided to come back to the stages, in order to commemorate thirty years of life. They marked the path of andalusian rock and left their own sign.
The legendary band that borned in Madrid, but grew up in Jerez de la Frontera and El Puerto de Santa Maria, will meet this summer and will be going out on tour from September onwards. Few groups on our country’s music history have such a unanimous review when mentioned:
“I heard Iman a live many times. They were, without any doubt, the best rock played a live in that time. The guitar of Manolito Iman captured me. The group touched the perfection and excellence”. (Ricardo Pachon, “Producer of Paco de Lucia and Camaron”).
“Without any doubt, the best first record made in our country” (J. Manuel Costa, “El Pais”).
“They were the andalusian Pink Floyd; it was extraordinary, sounded with an amazing cleanliness and perfection.” (Kiko Veneno).
The return of Iman was possible thanks to the hard work an skill of just one person, Paco Barroso, resident in Jerez, a technical expert of the local television, “Imanoide” and the creator of Iman’s web page (http://www.califatoindependiente.tk). Paco Barroso achieved the heroic deed of gather together again the most famous four letters of the andalusian rock. Months of work bearded their fruits when Marcos Mantero, remote from professional music, dedicated to medicine and the most reticent, finally gave the definitive “yes”. Inclusively he is now working in order to recover old keyboards with the sound of Iman.
The meeting of Manolito Rodriguez, living in California since the 90’s, Inaki Egana and Guerrero, both working in testimonial groups of blues and eclectic music, turned out to be less complicated. And exists the possibility that the Uruguayan Urbano Moraes, who substituted Egana after the first record, join to this initiative in the next months. Nobody wants to lose the big event, not even the stars of that time, which will be invited or will invite themselves to play with Iman. Gualberto, Guadalquivir, Smash, the big Kiko Veneno, Ruben Dantas, Luis Delgado and Abdu Salim. A lot of names appear to play on the stage with the emblematic group and to accompanying him on tour.
The group thirtieth anniversary will coincide with the reedition of Iman’s tow records, collector pieces around the world, with the publication of an anniversary-concert DVD and a new record containing rarities and unknown pieces played a live. Kiko Guerrero take several weeks earing old tapes, treasures of the califato independiente, which bewitched the fan’s in just four years of life, between 1976 and 1980 of the past century. Themes as “Chiquillo que ha pasao” never saw the light, but will do it now in digital format.
The reappearance of Iman, as their own existence has been covered with mythic stories, incalculable mysteries and unofficial rumors. The fan’s most of them reunited around the Aristillus have already made spread de news, even before their crystallization. Iman always functioned thus, covered with a mystery halo, marked for his charisma. Their concerts were parties of the senses; the music was bright, as modern as taked root. Iman created his legend without any publicity, in a not suitable time, placed between a grey past and the explosion of liberty. The andalusian rock, in general lines, flourished with a fleeting splendor, but did soon, victim of a infrastructures lack, of their own fears, of the professional anarchy or perhaps at the hands of the fashions, which were ruling that time, the new wave or the Punk. But Iman as other mythic names remains alive between his fans. They established school with a style plagued if influences and elegance, precision and beauty. Tarantos del Califato Independiente and Camino del Aguila are Iman’s tow records, that keep in use as their sound.
Iman, four personalities blessed by the Guru Majarahji, could sound to King Crimsom, to Pink Floyd, to Santana, to Allman Brothers and to celestial music in just one afternoon. They could mix boleros with bulerias and rhythms with silences. First they were six, in Madrid, and then remained three, in Jerez, until that came Marcos Mantero and the quartet settled in the portuense Camino del Aguila, the corner where years later lived Javier Ruibal and Chano Dominguez, tow unquestionable figures of the music without labels. The first, precisely, enjoyed with Iman and the second led the group “Cai” and afterwards, in his jazziest aspect paid a tribute to Iman in a bright record
From El Puerto de Santa Maria to their beloved Jerez, they offered more than three glorious years. They were unique in tanking profit from a sound equipment and from a local, however much underground that local were. And they never disappointed a live, something that other groups of their generation could not boast. On the other hand, Iman (Califato Independiente) with their quality guarantee contributed to create legendary festivals in that time, till the culmination in the “Luna Llena de Jerez”, the festival of festivals, the one that personified the ascension and fall of the andalusian rock in the summer of 1980. Who don’t remember Iman sharing the same poster in the Peman Theater of Cadiz with Gualberto, in a concert organized by Fernando Quinones or getting crowed the portuense “Tierra, Mar y Vino” or setting and giving splendor to an unexplored musical language, more beautiful than the silence.
After so long, Iman enjoys a secretive and charming life in Internet where, curiously, was created their return and myth. The truth is that the group returned, exactly, twenty years ago in the summer of 86 in Jerez, in the Festival Alcazaba, a glorious reappearance (http://www.musicasavanzadas.com), that will continue in the next progressive rock festival "Festival Lago de Bornos (http://www.festivallagodebornos.com)